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Post by [GM]KASPALL- on Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:31 pm

Today was an important day for Combat Company, I've seen today 22 players online at once,and they weren't more due to fact i'll tell you below.
Currently this game suports only 20 users at once, that means if the number of players exceed that value they can't play.
Due to a huge ammount of players played the game today i've received a message from dropbox (where the game file is hosted on) saying that the link got banned due to bandwidth limits reached, but since it was the first time it happened, they gave me a "second chance" and the link is up again.
To make the situation even worse the server where the maps are stored got a problem due to bandwidth too.

As i can see from today experience the game isn't well prepaired to receive a large number of players, BUT, i've some ideas to prepair the game to receive more players.

To start, i've made a self host of the server, so it is now in my home network and it can receive up to 100 players at once, 5 times more connections than the previous version. There is a dedicated server that costs 95$, but unfortunetely I can't pay for now.

Another idea about the server where the maps are stored, is to remove completly the maps from that sever, and simply embed them into the game file (so now i guess you dont find anymore "non stop loading"). Unfortunately i've to remove some maps from the game to be sure the game file doesen't exceed the limits. The maps i've removed are Dust, Dust2, Medieval and Tuscan (I had to remove them later on anyway cause they are from counter strike).

About the dropbox where the game is hosted on I didnt find any solution yet, so if you know any service that provides free DIRECT download link and has a quite large bandwidth limit, tell me.

To resume the things up, the server will now run in my home network, removed some maps to stay on size limits, and i'm searching for a new service that can provide direct link without bandwidth limits, or at least, the limit must be higher that dropbox.

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Post by FeelLikeAPlayer on Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:52 pm

ei kaspall eu estive penssando e essa M9 pistol ta unica só uma pistol nao fica com voce quer mais pistols pra nao ficar só a M9?

sempre que voce quiser eu posso te arranjar umas novas armas é só me pedir

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