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Updates History - Last update 10.02.2017 Empty Updates History - Last update 10.02.2017

Post by [GM]KASPALL- on Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:30 am

From today I'm gonna post in this topic every change made in the game/website.

- Added a change password button on the website.

- New map 'Glockon2'.
- Trying to fix the scoring. Sometimes when match finishes some team scores goes to 01. Applied a possible fix for that issue.

- Whisper system - Now you can whisper somwone ingame by typing "#PM " + target's nickname + message. To reply that whisper you can simply press the enter button and thar code will be there automatically. (PS. target's nickname must be in your friend list).
- M249 damage incresed from 29 damage to 36 damage.
- Changed a bit how the characters move.
- Bigger walls on Glockon2
- New items - Lower footsteps - Aim while jump - Walk faster while aim.

- Rooms are now up to 12 players!
- Added blood on walls.
- Deletion of the map "Dust" as it is rarely played, big performance hungry, and it increase significantly the overall game size.
- Slight performance improvements.
- Improved weapons/characters/items shop.

- Secondary weapons.
- Fixed some bugs in the friend list.
- Weapon balancing.
- Scar damage decreased.

- New crosshairs
- Weapons/Items preview's re-made
- Blood appearance changed.
- "When we walk close to the wall, we hear sounds of wall collision not floor" - Fixed.

- Weapon weight added - You can check every weapon weight at the main menu -> p.weapons. (Higher weapon weight makes character act slower)
- Weapon control/burst speed stats fixed in main menu - Before it didn't show the exactly values.
- New items - extra p/s weapon magazines.
- Reached 10.000 accounts on database

- Contra is back.
- Performance improvements
- Grenades crosshair color fixed.
- Rooms no longer supports 2/4 player option. To avoid those players who join with 2nd computer to level up faster. If you want to play 1vs1 do it with password.

- Now it's possible to sort the room list.
- Jump effect decreased.

- Tried to fix the leave from map bug in Glockon2.
- New game mode - Close Combat. (Melee, Knives)
- To avoid exiting the full screen while pressing "Escape" to leave any match, now you can press the key "P" (Also known as pause in some other games).
- Easter content

- Friend list now displays friend levels.

- Maps are now being downloaded from the server when joining a match. They also get cached, so it just needs to download once.
- 4 maps added - Medieval, Dust, Dust2 & Tuscan.
- Game file size decreased from 20Mb to 15Mb.

- Clan masters can now change the master to some other member.

- Smart crosshairs.

- Team radio chat color changed to grey, while team chat remains green.
- Vote system changed. Now needs more "yes" to kick players.
- 1vs1 player matches don't save any exp neither gold anymore.

- Remotion of the camera jump effect while aiming.

- Content removal of the easter update.
- Applied possible fix to the ladders bug.
- Applied possible fix to the cloned player on the game scoring board.
- Room player limit can now be edited within game.
- Improved smoke grenades.

- Now its possible to check other player informations ingame.
- Now its possible to melee with secondary weapons.

- Fixed some bug while checking other players profiles.
- Added 2 new weapons.

- Applied a possible fix to the pass through boxes/walls bug.

- Clan chat added. You can now send message to every clan member by typing "#CLAN" before the message. Works on lobby chat and ingame chat!
- You can now use "#PM" in the lobby chat.

- New weapon sights.

- Changed chat commands.
- Mp7 control increased a little bit.
- Fixed some bugs in the chat.

- Added the ability to reverse Up and Down mouse.
- If you leave any clan you need to wait 24 hours to join/create another clan.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

- Shot sound effect changed on ak-47 weapon.
- Slight control & accuracy improvement on the ak-47 weapon.
- When grenades explode it now produces a "wiggle" effect on the player.

- Grenade wiggle effect decreased.
- New grenade/bomb explosion appearance.
- New blood appearance.

- New weapon animations - Now every weapon has a unique animation.
- Blood on screen added when you melee/knife your enemy.
- Map shadow brightness increased.
- Remotion of the RPG weapon.
- New weapon - EBR.
- Changed some characters in the game font, so now "l","1" and "I" can be distinguished.
- PPSH41 fire rate increased.
- Improved game graphics.
- Performance improvement.

- Fix of the personal info level percentage bug.
- Added 3 new items - Quick Switch, Quick Aim & Quick Reload.
- Fixed some weapon animations.
- Fix of the invisible EBR weapon in the third players.

- Added 2 new weapons - AEK & MK3A1.
- Performance improvement to help reduce lag.
- Some minor bug fixes.

- Fall damage decreased.

- Added gold bonus when leveling up.

- Ability to discart items/weapons/characters.
- SCAR-H control improved.
- Grenades/Smoke Grenades ammount decreased to 1.
- Added a pickup Grenades and Smoke Grenades.
- Added the help feature ingame.
- Forum Exp table updated (Now displays extra gold when leveling up).
- Changed some characters in the game font.
- Added some menu's animations.

- Now its possible to change weapons/characters/items/check info within rooms!

- Performance improvement.

- Snipers power balance - Bolt action snipers apply higher damage than the auto snipers, they also have better scopes.
- New character bullet hit detection - For more information please click here.
- Melee damage with secondary gun decreased.

- Before discarting weapons/items/characters it asks if you are sure.
- PP19 Bizon now has dot sight.
- Fixed the fps drop issue. It was related with the hands mesh. Replaced with a cheaper one.

- New character skin - Rainbow.
- Some character animations have been changed.
- Characters now drop weapons.
- Fixed someminor bugs.

- Added the ability to buy items/characters for 7/15/30 days.

- Improved the game security.
- New map - Antartica.
- Performance improvement.

- New item - Health injector.
- Antartica jump off the map fixed.

- New skin - Hello Kitty

- New weapon - GOLD ACWR
- Blood appearance changed.
- Fixed some bug in the shooting.
- Changed some character animations.

- New weapon - BLOODY AK-12

- Added the ability to charge CCash.
- Added new item - +90% Exp/Gold.
- Added new secondary weapon - 1911.
- Some items are now CCash only.

- Added the ability to charge CCASH by mobile sms.

- New sound effects.
- Some minor bug corrections.
- Planting/defusing bombs in demolition mode gives you extra exp/gold.

- Added secondary weapon only mode.
- Item +90% EXP/GLD got decreased to 50%.
- Fixed the extra exp bug in demolition mode.

- Improved the game security in the login/register/post account stats. More info in this thread

- Switch between primary and secodary weapon with Q key. (It can be changed in the game settings -> Key settings)

- You can now throw knives by pressing the right mouse button.
- Fixed "go out of the map" in Dust, Dust2 & Contra. - Note that I just fixed the known ones.

- Improved the knifes damage.
- New item - 200 SP recovery.
- Fixed some map bugs.

- New map - DeathSquare.

- Level icons re-made.
- Warning window opens wem some Item/character expires.

- New item - Nick camouflage.

- New item - 100 HP health recovery.
- New keys are now costumizable.
- Improved ladders.
- Players now collides with other players.

- Now if the bullet hit angle is very wide, they are going to be reflected. (gif info here)

- Applied a possible fix to the "You are logged in already" bug
- Maps textures color enhance.
- Added shadows below players.

- Improved the graphics.
- Added the ability to add players to the friend list ingame.
- Fixed some minor bugs.
- Clan views counter added to the website.

- Nick camouflage item is now available with GOLD for a limited time.
- Changed the rank list/clan list in the website.

- Performance optimization.

- Blood on walls are now being clipped.
- New s. weapon - MK23.
- New grenade explosion sound.

- 4 New weapons.
- Weapons are now sorted by type and level.
- New weapons now contains a "new" label.
- Account bann now displays how long it need to be unbanned.

- Medieval box bug fixed.
- After discarding weapons you will now receive half of the weapon price as gold! (Doesn't matter if you used CCash or Gold, you will receive only gold)

- Tips added to game lobby.
- Fixed a bug in the characters animation.
- Fixed the sniper bug.
- Removed the help button before logging in.

- Fixed the ladder bug.
- Changed a bit the exp and gold calculations at the end of the match.

- Added show player items on killcam.
- Multiple game instances on the same machine is no longer available. (To prevent power levelers).
- Improved kill symbols.
- New server - I've upgraded the server to a much better one (if you are having some issues with the game/website tell me)

- SA-80 changed with SAR21.
- Changed the position of the items on killcam.

- Now its only possible to vote once in a room (to prevent vote abuse).
- Ladder bug fixed (where the players could "fly" all over the maps).
- Fixed some bugs in Contra and Medieval where players could go on roofs etc.
- Added a "last active" on players info.
- Added a new weapon - KRISS Vector.
- Fixed the "you are logged in already" bug. (for some reason when a player disconnects, sometimes the server didnt register the disconnection. As a workaround when this happens again and the player tries to login they will also see the "you are logged in already" message but it also disconnects the account from the system so they can login again.

- Spanish language added to the game.
- Rgm color changed to orange.

- Added a new weapon - SCAR-L
- New game background.

- Added a new weapon - SCI-Fi
- Valentine's Day: Heart shapped grenades & explosions.

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