Looking for two new RGMs [CLOSED]

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Looking for two new RGMs [CLOSED] Empty Looking for two new RGMs [CLOSED]

Post by [GM]KASPALL- on Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:53 pm


We are looking for a two new RGMs. Most of you know what RGMs are doing, but for the ones here who do not know, I will give you a short explanation. RGMs are regional Game Masters, their job is it to support the players, hunt down hackers, and do the local customer support to the player issues.

If you think, this is the right thing for you and you are interested to get Combat Company better and better, than please do not hesitate and send me a form application by forum PM.

Before you send your application please check if you meet the requirements:

- You MUST be a mature person.
- You must speak English.
- You must have a clean ban history (no bans!).
- You must have at least 1-2 hours free time per day for the RGM duty (weekdays)
- You must be able to use Teamspeak.
- You must have no clan. You'll be part of Administrators clan.
- You must be serious, reliable, fair and integer person with a good character and personality.

If you meet these requirements and you are still motivated to become RGM, please send your detailed application.
Recruiting open yet to unknown date. We will announce once we found the candidates.

Thank you for your attention.

Looking for two new RGMs [CLOSED] 2mgseo2

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